Every artist I know owns at least one sketchbook.  I am constantly working on one, and I never rip out a page.  It is my process to see where a sketch begins and ends, no matter what the outcome may be.  I see sketching as a means to an end.  Not the end product, as you may thing, but rather, I see it as a creative outlet and a stress reliever.  I draw what I see, then see what I draw.  That is where my Moleskine addiction begins.  I love the feel of the ivory colored weighted pages, the snap of the black spine, the pocket in the back for all of my templates, and the plethora of pages that may be downloaded to make a sketching journal into a life journal.  If you are interested in keeping an art journal of your own (or even making one), then please check out the Moleskine Addiction tab and join the wonderful Milliande Art Community for Women. Art is something that should be incorporated into your daily life.  Draw what you see, then see what you have drawn.  It is a learning process, and all of the artists that I know begin with a sketch.  



"Golden Slumbers"



"Renaissance Man"

"Strumming My Pain"

"Hand Over Knee"
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