Project 52

This year I have decided to embark on a journey into Art Journaling.  I have enrolled in a free class at                                     
so that I can have a set theme for each week.  This class is very different from any art journal I have made before now.  Each week we are given a prompt and ideas on how to use them.  Some people collage, some sketch, some doodle.  I, however, have started using GIMP 2.8 to create digital collages from digital scrapbooking materials and Moleskine templates.  I include everyday objects with cut-outs from various works of famous art.  I hope to finish the 52 prompts in my pocket-sized Moleskine journal by the end of the year.  Who knows what I will learn about myself?  At least I have tried.

Week 1 :  "Up, Up, and Away"

Week 2 :  "A Simple Place"

Week 3 :  "You Make Me Smile"

Week 4:   "Character Development"
                      - This week I created a WORDLE to use in my digital collage based on famous quotes.
                         Find it at:
                      - Moleskine Large blank page format

Week 5: Abstract Art Inspiration

Week 6: The Art of Love Letters

Week 7:  When I Grow Up

Week 8: Found Poetry

Week 9: Color Swatch

Week 10: Art for a Cause

Week 11: Stars

Week 12:  A Day in the Life

Week 13 : How Does Your Garden Grow

Week 14:  Rain or Shine

Week 15:  Party Animal

Week 16:  Recycled Art

Week 17:  Refresh

Week 18:  Creative Hands

Week 19:  Photography

Week 20:  Book Inspired

Week 21:  Mandalas

Week 22:  Traveling

Week 23: Passion

Week 24:  Courage

Week 25:  Nature

Week 26: Under the Sea

Week 27:  Nostalgia

Week 28:  Technology

Week 29:  Fashion

Week 30:  Positive Words

Week 31:  Friendship

Week 32:  Favorite Foods

Week 33:  Gratitude

Week 34:  Alphabet

Week 35:  Time

Week 36:  Texture

Week 37:  Newspaper

Week 38:  Rhyme Time

Week 39:  In the City

Week 40:  Experiment

Week 41: Mosaic

Week 42:  Magic

Week 43:  Stencil

Week 44:  Skyline

Week 45:  Thinking of You

Week 46:  Napkins

Week 47:  Wise Words

Week 48:  Do You Want To Build a Snowman

Week 49:  Doodle

Week 50:  Sparkle and Shine

Week 51:  Sing a Song

Week 52:  Circles

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