Monday, July 1, 2013

Live, Love, Laugh, and Be Happy!

It has been half a year since I posted to this blog, and it is mostly because I have been busy doing other things.  I am getting my teaching license and am in school all summer, I have gotten engaged to a wonderful man and will have a beautiful step-son next year, and I have just completed my first year of teaching after being disabled with Fibromyalgia for 10 year.  All of this business has left me derelict in my duties as a blogger, and for that I apologize.  However, I am not sorry at all because I have been living, loving, and laughing my days away.  In fact, I think that being happy is by far the main reason to set aside some of those unnecessary tasks with we pick up to fill the void in our lives.  Yes, I am still drawing.  Yes, I am still creating digital art.  But, with all of my overwhelming busy-ness, I am thoroughly tired at the end of the day.  I will update the page soon, I promise.  Until then, Live! Love! Laught!  Be Happy!

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