Sunday, July 1, 2012

When the Lord closes a door, He often opens a window!

Lately, I have been down.  And that is putting it nicely.  Nothing seems to be going right in the world.  My significant other moved to Texas without me, my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I failed to obtain a teaching job in Latin this year.  I have tried crawling into bed and not coming out before, but I promise that it never works out for the best.  Instead, I chose to vent.  Luckily for me (and you), I vent through art.  Sometimes I journal in my Moleskine, sometimes I make Artist Trading Cards, and sometimes I dive into digital scrapbooking.  Whatever the case may be, I always have something tangible to offer for my efforts.  So recently, I applied to work on the creative team of Touched By a Butterfly, a digital scrapbook design firm.  And finally, after viewing my blogsites, I was chosen to be a member.  Digital scrapbooking was there for me when I needed it (as well as those of you who have supported me here), and now I have the opportunity to give back to the artistic community in a meaningful way.  I hope that you will enjoy my designs as well as the opportunities it will bring for the digital scrapbooking community.  And in the end, maybe I will have more time to work on the things that I relationship, my family, my education, and my art.

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