Monday, February 20, 2012

If at First You Don't Succeed ...

After my last rant about telling my Muse to be quiet, she bravely spoke up and offered me a chance to rectify the situation.  Mind you, that seldom ever happens.  If it does, you better buckle up and be ready for a ride on the horse of a different color.  Several of the digital scrapbooking designers offered yet another creative team call.  I am not sure if it is hubris at this point or just another attempt at deflating my ego, but I needed a change and a challenge.  So, once again I submitted my information, several layouts, and my blogsite for review by perfect strangers, patiently waiting for the response that my designs were "bland" and "didn't pop."  But, as Old Blue Eyes once said, Luck can be a Lady.  Finally, several people enjoyed my writing well enough to invite me to join a Blog Team for digital scrapbooking.  So now, I can add that I work for writing about creations from Missy's Bits Designs and Sugar Moon Designs.  I look forward to blogging each week, trying a hand at designing, and using my words to entice others to do the same.  I am considering this a learning experience given to me by the heart of my Muse, and hopefully she will lead all of us on an exciting journey.

Now... I am ready to go make a memory or two and write about them!!!

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