Monday, January 23, 2012

When Your Muse Should Keep Silent

Okay.  I must admit that occasionally the little voice inside my head speaks louder than it should.  Or rather, a little louder than I should allow it to speak.  Recently, my muse told me that I should offer my talents to several graphic designers with the hopes of becoming a member of their creative teams.  Everyone (that is my mom and boyfriend) tend to enjoy my scrapbooking skills and I had the insane idea that everyone else would love them too.   Instead, my art was met with little less than fanfare.  In fact, I believe that I was called boring...or dull.  I am not really sure because my muse has been in shock ever since.  I actually have not been able to enjoy scrapbooking ever since.  ...That is...until today.  Even though I had an epic failure with my attempt at joining a creative team, I was given the opportunity to enjoy my passion once more.  One of the designers stated that she had several positions opening for members to create art other than scrapbooks using digital scrapbooking kits.  Thoughts began to flood my mind.  My creative juices simply keep flowing.  I don't know whether I should build a matchbook shrine, an Artist Trading Card, a journal, or simply a Random Act of Art Kindness postcard.  Sometimes one door has to close in order for a window to open.  Sometimes we have to listen to our muse, and sometimes, it is best for her to keep silent.  She eventually will start talking again (in her own time), and we just must be receptive to the ideas that she puts forth.  Hopefully, I will soon be able to take a picture and enjoy the fact that one day someone else will enjoy it too.  

When push comes to shove, the only person who can tell your muse to be silent is you.  But make sure that if you tell her to hold her tongue, you are willing to live a life a little duller, a little colder, a little darker, and a lot lonelier.  I have learned that while I may not always like what my muse has to say, I will always give her the opportunity to speak.  She has a lot of wisdom to give, and if I don't listen, who will?

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